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The Best Free Website Builders 2022

Creating a website today for any purpose is easy. Interestingly, the best free website builders make it possible for you to create a website for free without necessarily having to spend a huge sum of money or better still, just get it for 100% completely free.

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Gone are the days when you are required to know a bit of programming or cryptic words such as HTML and FTP to build or design a website.

In this free website builder picks and guide to create a free website, you will learn what the top free website builders are, and how you can build your own website for free with any of these free website building sites.

Without further ado, lets quickly take a look at the top-rated free website building sites available today.

Top Rated Free Website Builders

These are the top best free website builders in 2022:

  • Best overall: Weebly
  • Best for small business: Wix.
  • Best free ecommerce site builder: WebStarts.
  • Best free website builder and domain: Ucraft.
  • Best for speed: Jimdo.

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How to Create a Website Free of Cost

Follow these 7 simple steps to create a website for free of cost:

  1. Make a plan for your website’s structure and content. Know the kind of website you want to create and write down all of the crucial pages you need.
  2. Signup for a free website builder. Choose from any of the best free website builder and click on the “Get Started” button to begin your website setup.
  3. Choose what kind of website you want to create. Choose between business, creative or any type of website you want to build.
  4. Select a good website template for your site design. Customize your site template and design to suit your style.
  5. Add features you need to get your business ready. Add design features, text, galleries, online store, booking system and anything else you need to function well.
  6. Publish your website and go live. Start building your online presence.
  7. Drive traffic to your site. Use SEO tools and digital marketing solutions.

The 5 Best Free Website Builders of 2022

Here then is a reviewed list of the best free website builders you can use to build a free website:

1. Our #1 Pick: Wix

The best free website builder for small businesses

Wix website builder
Wix free website builder

If you are looking for a simple website creator with lots of features and templates to build your small business website free of cost, Wix free site creator is the best free website builder software and online platform with free and paid options to power up your small business.

Wix is by far the best overall free website builder for beginners to build basic websites available in the market today.

The URL you will get for free: accountname.wix.com/yourcustomname
Ads: Yes | Customer support: Yes | SSL security: Yes | Ecommerce: Yes

With over a hundred (100) million users, this online platform offers an easy drag-and-drop editor, and a large collection of professional-looking templates which are well-designed for online stores, small businesses or personal portfolios.

Is Wix.com Legit?

Wix is a well-known website builder that offers a free plan, which enables you to run its services without having to spend a dime and you also get to benefit from one of the most impressive website editors in the website maker software space.

Wix Features

  • Blogging tools to create a profitable blog or add one to your business website.
  • Free Apps.
  • Over 500 well-designed templates.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Complete Drag-and-Drop freedom.
  • Wix ADI helps you build and design your site for you if you want.
  • Wix Turbo improves the performance and speed of all Wix websites.

In addition, Wix offers additional apps for individual preference and also supplies built-in Google Analytics to monitor your site traffic or visitors.


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
  • Unending range for customization.
  • Wide range of templates.
  • Most of the features are all available on free plan.


  • You can’t change your template once your site goes live.
  • Free website domain name isn’t the catchiest.
  • The free plan sticky ads are very obvious and ad-free is only an option if you pay for the premium version.

Overall, Wix free website builder is so well-designed that it makes a great choice for beginners looking to create their first website without complications.

When putting together your site using the drag-and-drop editor webpage editor, it feels more like you are using an application rather than a website builder, and even on the free plan, it also supports a wide range of media, and provides quality customer support as well.

2. Easiest to use: Weebly (weebly.com)

Weebly is a beginners friendly simple website builder with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor you can use to create your personal or business website.

Weebly free site builder
Weebly free website builder

With almost every online website reviewer testifying to its simplicity, Weebly is no doubt, one of the easiest to use and simple free website makers around.

The URL you will get for free: yoursitename.weebly.com
Ads: Yes | Customer support: Yes | SSL security: Yes | Online store: Yes

Even though Weebly packs lots of great plans for small businesses, its free website builder plan is one of the most robust with lots of features and website file storage space. It is a flexible website builder which is extremely compatible with every device and platform, plus, it is super easy to use.

Weebly has drag-and-drop feature (just like Wix) which is user-friendly as well as an integrated CMS solution, and hand-coded HTML files.

Features of Weebly Free website maker

  • Free Ecommerce function (in some countries).
  • Free SEO and digital marketing tools.
  • Blogging tools and functionalities.
  • Free apps.
  • Block-based Drag-and-Drop design.

Some of the things offered on this Weebly website builder include: web hosting, domain registration, web design, and ecommerce functions, making it suitable for small scale businesses.

Things we like:

  • Its free website builder plan has one of the largest site storages that allows room for growth.
  • Good SEO prompts – ideal for businesses that want to be found through Google.
  • A simple and reasonable free plan domain name.

Things we dislike:

  • Like other website builders, features are limited on the free plan
  • Unlike Wix, creative freedom is minimal. Although this is meant to help keep your website design organized, not everyone likes it.
  • Sticky ad which pops up at the top is distracting.

Bottom line: Weebly is another veteran of the site builder industry, and almost gives the likes of Wix and Squarespace a run for their money in terms of features and cheap prices. But unlike Wix, it doesn’t try to do everything for you. It is an automatic website building for beginners that provides a wide variety of stylish templates with a smooth site editor.

With Weebly user friendly website editor, it is easy for beginners to build a free website and even integrate ecommerce features if you want, without paying any money. The full benefits to your online business though can only be found in the premium plans.

3. Best free website builder and domain: Ucraft

If what you want is to setup a simple website or landing page with all the good features that allows you to connect your own custom domain name for free, then, the Ucraft free website creator is the right choice for you.

Ucraft free website builder and domain
Ucraft free website builder and domain

Ucraft was founded in 2015 in Armenia and like every other website creator, they promise ease-of-use and speed.

The URL you will get for free: customname.ucraft.net

Free custom domain nameYes
SSL securityYes
Support5 out of 5
Mobile responsiveYes
AdsYes, very small and acceptable

Who its best for? Use Ucraft free website maker if:

  • If you need something super simple to quickly set up your website.
  • If you want the freedom of really having a free site builder that also allows you to connect your own custom domain.
  • If you want to create a simple landing page website for your personal brand, or promote a product.

With the free website landing page option from Ucraft, you can create a single, mobile-ready web page and connect your domain for free.

Features of Ucraft

Easy to Use.

The Ucraft website builder is fairly easy to use, allowing you to customize your site without overwhelming you with features. The editor utilizes “blocks” (often called sections in other website builders), that allows you to add already pre-made items like contact forms and image galleries.

Free Website Domain, Bandwidth and Hosting.

With Ucraft, you get free landing page that you can either connect your own domain to or use the Ucraft subdomain. However, if you decide to build a website with more pages, then you’ll be required to do an upgrade.


Ucraft offers relatively strong eCommerce options. Even though it doesn’t advertise itself as a full fledge ecommerce website builder, it allows you to sell digital and physical products.

Other features of Ucraft includes: SEO features to improve your website visibility to google searchers, numerous social media integrations and apps including adding PayPal payment option on your website, attractive website templates and some great extras.

Overall, With the Ucraft free website builder software plan, you can quickly set up a landing page website either for your personal brand, small business or to showcase a product/ service you offer and connect your domain name for free.

4. Best for online store: Webstart

The best free website builder for building an online store

If you want to create a webstore to sell your products or services online, and actively looking for a free website builder for online store, Webstarts is a top-rated website builder that allows you to integrate ecommerce and sell online for free.

Webstarts ecommerce builder
Webstarts free ecommerce site builder

Webstarts offers user-friendly drag and drop functionality, a versatile collection of beautiful templates with over 4million users to show they know exactly what they are doing.

The URL you will get for free: yoursitename.webstarts.com

Storage1 GB
AdsYes, footer disclaimer
Customer support4 out of 5
SSL securityYes
Online store to sell products for freeYes

Why we choose it

Seamless ecommerce integration.

The Webstarts online store free plan allows you add up to 10 products, while limiting sales to 20 orders per day, and you can accept credit card payments through Stripe, WePay or Authorize.net. Inventory management is included in the free webstore plan, with an option to sell digital goods.

Features of Webstarts free site creator for online store

  • Mobile ready
  • Online store with easy payment gateways for accepting payments.
  • Automatic domain setup.
  • Blogging features and functions.
  • HTML access
  • Image library with image editing functions.

Webstarts free plan provides access to all the important features needed in a website such as the blog and more. You also have the option of activate the online store.

Things we like

  • The footer advertisement isn’t very obvious or intrusive, and doesn’t disrupt U.I (User experience).
  • SEO settings can be edited for all pages individually.
  • Comes with a massive 1GB free storage.
  • Free plan is solid.

Things we did not like

  • No SSL security for the free plan.
  • Webstarts doesn’t offer a mobile-optimized website view in their free plan.

Bottom line: Webstarts site builder is very much similar to Wix when it comes to website design and customization. It allows elements to be moved around in an easy manner-drag and drop functionality, but unlike Wix, it has way lesser features and varieties of templates to choose from. More than Wix and Weebly, its free webstore builder offers the best services so far, than any free website builder plan out there.

5. Jimdo (jimdo.com)

Jimdo is a fast-loading website builder with AI powered editor that lets you create a free website for your small business or preferably, start an online store.

Jimdo free website builder
Jimdo free website builder

Jimdo is a valuable option for international companies or individuals who needs an online website builder platform that supports multi-language functions to create a website in more than nine different languages. The free plan lets you create a website for free, without any cost.

The URL you will get for free: customname.jimdofree.com
Storage: 500MB | Ads: No, just a footer disclaimer | Customer support: Yes | SSL security: Yes

Not only is Jimdo a good free website creator for small businesses, but it is very cheap and affordable should in any case you decide to do an upgrade. But if you have no intention of ever upgrading your Jimdo website later, you’ll enjoy their very smooth website setup experience.

Who is Jimdo free website builder is good for?

Jimdo is a good choice of free website builder for beginners who wants to create a free website with the ability to set up an online store and sell through your site whenever you choose to.


  • Automatic SEO.
  • Extremely Easy Site Creation with a fast-loading website builder.
  • Good looking mobile responsive website design templates.
  • Image Library.
  • Website integration: You can integrate your website with social media accounts easily without stress.

Jimdo offers two versions of its site editor. The “New” version powered by AI that helps you create your website for you by itself, and all you have to do is answer yes or no and your site is up within few minutes. The other is the regular option where you choose a template and customize your site yourself. They are both simple, but the latter is more flexible.

What makes Jimdo different from the other website builders

  • A striking advantage of Jimdo is that if you decide to go premium someday, it won’t cost you all your life’s savings as the cheapest Jimdo ecommerce website creator plan starts from $9 per month and allows you many benefits including using your own proper free domain.


  • There are no Jimdo stickers or pop-ups ads, just a note in the footer.
  • Doesn’t cost a fortune to remove pop-ups ads from your site.
  • Great aesthetics.
  • Intelligent website setup assistant.


  • With the free plan you are limited to 5 pages only.
  • There is no app market or blog for the free plan.

Overall, if you want to create a stunning website that loads fast, or looking to build a simple storefront for your ecommerce business, regardless of whether you’re already selling on social media or just starting out, then Jimdo is a great place to start from.

Free Website Builder FAQ

Can I really get a free website maker to create my website for free?

Yes. You can actually get a free website builder for your site creation since a majority of site builder platforms offers free plans for you to build your own website and get familiar with the whole website design dashboard. You can then decide whether to upgrade later or continue to use the free plan for life.

Who really pays for these free plans?

Free web page builders and online site creation platforms are almost always based on a freemium model. They are funded by the company and serves as a means for you to try out their website builder first without paying a dime, you are then charged if you eventually like the platform and wants to use its full features and benefits.

Like the popular saying goes, the best things in life are free, since you have the freedom of testing out various website makers before deciding to settle with the one that appeals more to you. However, hosting a website, on the other hand, clearly costs the provider money. They have to cover the cost of running their servers and marketing their services, with research into modern day tech trends for ongoing development.

Free Website Builders: In Summary

While the word “free” might sound interesting, do not get carried away by it, every business is set up to make profit and free website builder plans are just a way to showcase the amazing features the site creator offers. That way, you can decide whether to pay or use other top rated web builder service provider.

  • Best free website builder for small business: Wix.
  • Easiest to use: Weebly.
  • Best free website builder for online store: Webstart.
  • Free website builder with custom domain name: Ucraft.
  • Best free website creator without ads: Jimdo.

For small business owners who are generally looking for a free website builder for small business, stay away from the free plans for your business site, if you can afford it. Only use them to try out the site builder platform and get familiar with building a website, customization and more. Once you’re ready to go live, upgrade your plan, connect your business domain name and start promoting your website.

However, if you are completely low on funds, then a free one is still better than nothing. But free plans come with certain restrictions that can give your business website an unprofessional look. Things such as strange and long domain name, obtrusive adverts, limit to features, functionalities and more.

Not to forget, once you’ve built and published your site on a free plan, moving your website to a new provider can be quite a hassle or impossible in most cases.

So, remember to always take your future plans into consideration when weighing up your options, especially if you might want to get a proper domain name (yourname.com), a matching business email addresses ([email protected]) or an ad-free version of your website at some stage in the future.


Overall, Free website creators are a great way to start getting familiar with the whole website creation environment, and because they are hosted in the cloud, you don’t even have to worry about website storage space. All you need is a computer and a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.