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Every online business today starts with a website and Kompozer makes it possible for anyone to quickly and easily build a website, start a blog for profit or create an online store and grow it to profitability, without all the technical difficulty usually associated with online businesses.

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Need to get your business online?

Kompozer provides you with the best business software there is, website creation tools, digital courses and guides to help you get your business online and grow.

Our goal is to help individuals, organizations and small business owners get their business online and grow to profitability by providing them with the right tools and software to create their own website, blogs or online stores, attract customers, grow their business and make money online.

We also create contents to assist, engage, motivate, and inspire young entrepreneurs and business owners alike, in the tech space.

We sincerely hope that you find Kompozer to be a useful resource and guide that helps you navigate safely through the complicated world of website creation/online business, while both getting you excited and inspired in the process.

Richie Macaulay & Dan.

Our Core Values

Quality Driven

By connecting with professionals and real-life users, we go the extra mile to make sure our recommended products are not just yet another ‘good from the company’s presentation but bad for the average customer’ type of service. We’re constantly testing and updating every service and business software we recommend to make sure your business is functional and safe online.

Authentic Writing.

We put our ideas and all we know through our own voice and expertise, just how we know and see it.

Passion Driven.

We are driven by a fierce commitment to always try new ideas and enrich people’s experiences with starting a website.

Connected and approachable.

Through meaningful and healthy relationships with our audience and partners, we strive to provide a relatable path to knowledge and discovery.


We love what we do and do not take ourselves too seriously while doing it. We share knowledge in a fun and easy to understand way while being very cautions of quality.

Need to get across to us? Feel free the use the contact form at our contact us page.