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Why call it «KompoZer» instead of «Nvu»?

Because « Nvu and the Nvu logo are trademarks of Linspire Inc. »
As Linspire stopped the development of Nvu, there is no legal way to correct any bug in Nvu.

Why is it only a 0.7.10 version?

Because for 99% of the developers in the world, including myself, a «1.0» version means it's ready for professional use. Nvu is very far from that.

KompoZer is already much more stable than Nvu, but there are some bugfixes and features that are necessary before I can decently call it a 1.0 version.

Is there a development roadmap?

Sort of:

Sorry, no ETA.

How can I help this project?

You can:

and of course, you can support KompoZer's development by donating.


KompoZer icon

256x256 PNG file, XCF file (to be edited with The GIMP).

KompoZer's icon has been made by Alain and Aubin Lorieux. If you can make an SVG version of this icon, feel free to contact me.

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You can reach KompoZer contributors in the #kompozer IRC channel.

You can also drop a message to the lead developer on his weblog.